2018 SERIES UPDATE: For 2018, we are going to take a break away from the Charlotte Mountain Bike Series. While we greatly appreciate the support from our participants and sponsors like CITGO, our participation has steadily dropped over the past three to four years. We feel its time to make a big change with the series, with the first change being a break. We started the series back in the year 2001, with participation steadily growing from year to year. Many reasons contribute to the decline with the two biggest being Charlotte traffic and attrition rate versus new race participants. With some big changes coming in 2019 and break from series, hopefully we can rejuvenate the week night series and bring it back to the glory days when we were lining up 130 to 150 participants every Wednesday night. Thank you all for years of support

If you're looking for a new challenge, check out the Charlotte Motor Speedway TT Series. Its a once a month time trial series kicking off on April 11.

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